Penny Lane provides bar staff, glassware, eskies, ice, custom menu signage, a neon light of your choice and all barware associated with making your delicious refreshments.

Power? Yes… well, kind of.

Ideally, we need access to a power point, but if that’s not possible we can help organise a mobile generator to be placed on site.

Water, no!

We bring water with us but if water is available on site, amazing!

Not usually, most clients prefer us to serve only from Penny. This is great for you as your guests are forced to leave their table and mingle with other guests. It also keeps alcohol costs and waste down as people don’t tend to drink as much when it’s not being consistently topped up! Our staff will rove around, pick up empty glasses and bottles. We can definitely offer this service if you’d like it as an option. Please ask us when getting in touch.

Of course! We have a cool room ready and available to hire if required. The cool room is best located as close as possible to the bar to avoid service delays when we need to restock at larger events.

Yes, all our bar staff have RSA’s, extensive experience working in bars, are super friendly and are always up for a good chinwag and laugh with your guests.

We are based in beautiful McLaren Vale, South Australia. We love a road-trip though and are happy to travel across the state.

Our lovely Penny is a curvy lass, with a length of 4.3m.

Penny comes with a few decorations, such as vases, a drinks menu, a vintage radio, neon lights, etc. However, we are happy to collaborate with you, your event planner, or your florist to make sure Penny is styled exactly how you’d like. We do have plenty of party supplies and decor items in our inventory, so be sure to check our product hire.

We will arrive approximately six hours before the event is scheduled to begin. Kegs are attached, drinks are put on ice/refrigerated as soon as possible ensuring they’re icy cold by the time your guests arrive.

We are fortunate to work closely with some incredible local breweries and distilleries and can offer a varied range of tapped options. Check out our keg menu for full supplier list.

A 50-litre keg of beer contains approximately 105-115 Pints.

The keg itself remains the property of your selected brewery of choice. Unfinished kegs, unfortunately, can’t be taken home with you. They are returned to the brewery shortly after your event.

That’s absolutely fine! However, you will need to obtain relevant permissions and permits from the local council.

Tapped keg selections, wine, champagne, all spirits and mixers, soft drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages. Want to wow your guests? We can also add a specialised mixologist onto your package for a signature cocktail or two!

We know it can be quite daunting trying to estimate how much alcohol you will need to purchase for your event, so we are able to give you an estimate based on previous weddings and events, and we also offer our guidance in this area if needed. Just remember, it is better to have too much than too little!

It happens, if you’re happy to, we can encourage your guests to reuse glasses where possible. Alternatively, you can hire as many additional glasses as you like to ensure a fresh and infinite supply throughout your evening. If all glasses options become exhausted, we will provide guests with plastic bio cups until the conclusion of the event.

Ready to party the Penny Lane way?

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Two staff members of Penny Lane Events Bar are here to make your party memorable.