Penny Lane Events Van terms and conditions.


Amount Due” refers to the total sum of charges owed by the Hirer to The Owner, as specified in the corresponding Invoice and governed by these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Bond” signifies the security deposit paid by the Hirer to The Owner, serving as a precautionary measure against potential damages or breaches of the agreed-upon terms, as outlined in these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Deposit” means the deposit stipulated in the quote payable to The Owner, by the Hirer, under this Agreement.

Discretion” refers to the owner’s authority to determine the appropriate course of action in a specific situation.

Equipment” means all the equipment and accessories supplied by the Owner to the Hirer.

Force Majeure Event” means circumstances beyond the control of The Owner , including but not limited to illness, pandemic, Federal or State Government restrictions, emergency, weather conditions, fire, explosion, casualty, strike, civil disobedience, unsafe environment, threat, act of God, war, riots, embargoes, legislation not in force as of the date of this agreement, acts of vendors or third-party suppliers, or any other causes preventing The Owner from fulfilling its obligations under this agreement.

GST” means the Goods and Services Tax imposed by the Australian government on the supply of goods and services.

Hirer” means the person, organisation, or legal entity hiring equipment from The Owner, including the named representative(s) and, where applicable, their agents, employees, contractors, or subcontractors.

Invoice” means statement issued by The Owner to the Hirer, specifying the agreed-upon charges for the hired items and services.

Owner” means Penny Lane Events Van

Replacement Fee” refers to the amount set by the Owner to cover the replacement cost of damaged or lost Equipment.

T&C” means these Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Term” means the duration of the Contract

Terms and conditions

All bookings are subject to a 30% deposit, depending on the location, date, number of guests, and associated package. This deposit secures the booking, staff, mobile bar, preparation and associated services required for the event.

A written quotation does not place a tentative hold on your proposed date. The client has (7) days from the dated job quote to pay the minimum 30% deposit to secure the booking.

If the minimum 30% deposit has not been made within (7) days of the dated quote, Penny Lane Events van will delete the quotation, and a new inquiry submission will be required in the circumstance of the client wishing to pursue their original event inquiry.

Once a booking deposit has been paid, we will unfortunately not accept a significant reduction in guest numbers. We can accept group increases with an appropriate amount of notice given to us.

No refund of deposit will be provided due to changes in circumstances. However, we will make your booking deposit a valid credit against another booking made by the exact same payee. This next booking must be strictly made within 6 months from the date of the original cancelled booking, in order for the credit to take effect. We reserve the right to refuse the new proposed date if our services have already been booked by other clients.

Final payment for the event includes the total cost for all services, as per ‘Penny Lane Events Van’ quotation to the event payee, or payees and is required before or on 30 days from the event date.

If cancellation of the event is made by the hirer within 30 days of the event date, Penny Lane Events Van will obtain 100% of the total amount paid. This is due to the nature of cancellations, our companies’ expenses for the event, and several other factors that may prevent us from booking with other customers on the same date or surrounding dates.

Penny Lane Events Van uphold the right to invoice the hirer if any damages, or breakages should occur to the caravan bar, catering equipment, including glassware, platters or any other equipment, the cost of replacing broken, stolen or lost items will be invoiced to the host/organiser(s). and escalate the matter to police and legal authorities, if an event’s payee(s) financial obligations are not met/fulfilled.

The hirer or guests are not permitted to enter/operate any equipment Penny Lane Events Van owns unless an agreement/contract has been made between Penny Lane Events Van and the hirer.

If the function is not in a private home or space, the client must ensure that an area will be set aside for the exclusive use of the persons who have booked the function and is attended only by the client and its guests.

If the client causes us to contravene or breach any of the terms of its licences or any other laws or regulations, the client must indemnify Penny Lane Events Van for any damage, fines, penalties or costs we incur, including damage or economic loss related to any loss of our licences or breach of regulations or laws. The client is responsible for the site and the safety of all persons, including our personnel on the site and the delivery of equipment by our personnel to the site.

Our personnel use reasonable endeavours to comply with all applicable legislation and standards related to maintaining safe work practices.

We follow the National Alcohol Beverage Industries Council guidelines on the Responsible Service of Alcohol. Our personnel are instructed not to serve alcohol to persons under the age of 18 years, or to guests in a state of intoxication. We reserve the right to discontinue liquor services.